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Grasshopper C# component to convert rhino curves into gcode for printing and milling

Geometry to Gcode

Geometry to Gcode

This definition mainly contains two components 1)a converter to convert vertices/points into Gcode command and 2) a file saver to save your Gcode file. The converter give some basic utility to also append print speed and extrusion rate. It has extra features designed for large scale print. One would reduce print speed as Z height increase to increase stability and the other introduce momentary pause at corner to improve corner sharpness with larger nozzle(0.8mm+). Explode your polyline tool path to get vertices for input of this component. Output code has been tested on Repetier firmware. 

One might want to use this definition to gain better control of their tool path over conventional 3D printing slicer. This has been used on large scale 3D printing where tool path was optimized in other ways and ceramic printing where material behavior us different from FDM materials. 

Download it here and try it out!


Example of improvement in printing quality by scripting custom slicing behavior over conventional slicer software. Print shown was printed on same printer with a 0.8mm nozzle. Modification include unifying printing start point and direction, wall thickness, infill pattern and print speed.

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