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Studio Abroad London.

Adapting to Urban Changes and Building Life Cycle


2017 Studio

supr. Simon Allford & Hanif Kara

Universal Building

IMG_7091 copy.jpg
Universal Building

The project started with a given facade elevation from which a plan could be creatively interpreted. The methodology of drawing the plans for the project enables one to explore the free interpretation of stochastic shape and the rationalization of splines, and subsequently develop a set of strategy to subdivide and utilize the space created. 

The curves of a Dubuffet’s painting are deliberate and figurative. Each curve enclosed a definite region on the canvas was opened up for interpretation. Without a designated site for this building, the canvas becomes the context in which relationship of figures could be drawn. 

The shapes were redrawn as strings of arc/circle linked together with tangential lines. These forms a new composition of platonic shapes.

Chapter 1

This is London

Chapter 2

A Particular Place

Chapter 3

The Universal Building
diagram copy-02.png