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Mythology of the Forth Dimensional Being.


2018 Electives

supr. Eric de Broche des Combes

w/ Han Jin

Romance of Many Dimension

Romance of Many Dimension


Draw a path perpendicular to the 3 dimensions we are familiar with and we journey into the forth dimension. Roam between the landscape in search for the elusive forth dimensional being. This game takes on the unintuitive characteristics of the forth dimension to create the mythology of higher dimensions. As one travels between the dimensions, landscape constantly evolves and changes as different worlds slowly reveal themselves.

A workflow of "4D lofting" consolidate discrete 3D meshes into procedurally generated landscape in Unreal Engine. This game was co-developed with Han Jin.

Trailer (3:00)

Myths of Higher Dimensions

Cosmos by Carl Sagan

 4D Toys by Marc ten Bosch

The illusive forth dimensional being and The imperceivable bodies of deities

The Many Dimensions
Travelling between Dimensions

The four dimensional landscape is created by interpolating several separate meshes together in a database, similar to lofting but along an imaginary dimension. Meshes are sculpted in Blender and 3DMax. Through custom component in Grasshopper, mesh info is passed onto Blueprints in UE in csv format. Surfaces, materials, scripted behaviors and scene lighting are procedurally generated in UE.

UE Blueprint
Blender/3D Max/ Rhino
GH file writer
In Game
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