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Undergrad final project. 

Construction on sloped site.


2012 Studio

supr. Olivier Ottevaere

House Me Tender

Me Tender

Site is one of the starting point; a site contain within an urban fabric would inform the architecture through its context, the physical state of the site will also pose a fundamental limitation/suggestion and lead onto possibilities of forms.

The brief ask for a residential prototype on a hypothetical site with a slope. The slope surface is a quarter-circular curve surface with an radius of 27m. 

The project start with a president study of the Basento Viaduct, a minimal structure bridge located in Italy. 

A 3D morphing lattice is proposed as the structure to contact the site. An integrated fabric formwork is proposed for the production of the structure and a series of study was made as a prove of concept.

This project was completed in cooperation with Paul Poinet.

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