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VIP lounge at Art Basel Hong Kong.


2015 Lounge

Swire Property Group




This Art Installation and lounge is designed by ESKYIU, commissioned by Swire Properties for Art Basel Hong Kong 2015. It takes the formal gesture of the arcade as a starting point, with the structurally interlaced archways providing a place for the public to gather. Designed as a set of spatial relationships, fixed perspectival views are precisely aligned to create the underlying geometry for the vibrant and transitory space. The interplay of the movement and activity of the spectator is further enhanced by an interactive component that exists in a constant state of fluctuation. Acting as an abstracted contemporary arcade, Ephemera provides multiple ways of inhabiting the space, oscillating between clarity and complexity as the spectator moves in, around, and through the piece.

© 2015, All rights reserved by ESKYIU. Link

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