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Core studio project.

Rare book library on the Necklace


2016 Studio

supr. Grace La

Library on Emerald Necklace

IMG_1796 copy.png
Library on Emerald Necklace


Located at the heart of Boston, the Emerald Necklace provide the lush backdrop for the reading rooms of this rare book library. The experience of walking through the library is a narrated path through the landscape. 

This journey is designed as a circuitry that define the intermediary spaces. The circuitry is interpret 2D and 3D diagram that codify the organization of interior spaces. A variety of material for model making brings opportunity to misread and re-imagine mechanical elements.

Three rows of book stack slip underneath an existing ridge on site, lines longitudinally along the length of the library, while they push against the creek that flow through the park. Landscape of the ridge becomes part of the roof. A series of interior open spaces lines the water front. Light is limited by trees surrounding the creek while the roof split into three steps of thin strip to regulate insolation.