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Undergrad final project. 

Construction on sloped site.


2013 Studio

supr. Olivier Ottevaere

Abyssal Plain

Abyssal Plain

Chongqing is also know as “the city of mountain”. Like many cities that are built on a hill, native architecture adopted different strategy on sloped site. The landscape brings about intensity: the intensity of the sharp relief, of the perception of access, of the meandering of path. My visit to the city is  marked by the disorienting network of road; going into a building and it would spit you out from an unrecognizable vantage. 

This proposal attacks the site by intensifying the conflict of the topography. The convention of a horizontal navigation plane is tilted, turned into a vertical landscape, where the notion of residential tower is reinterpreted by it intimacy with the landscape, where public and private program are brought back togather on the abyssal plain.